Store Policy

Returns & Refunds


There's nothing worse than waiting for your new purchase to arrive, only to find that it is damaged or not the item you ordered? Our team is here to help.

If your purchase arrives damaged or faulty, is not the item stated on your original purchase order, is not the color or size stated in your original purchase order, you may be entitled to a full refund or a replacement item at no extra charge.

Simply provide us with proof of purchase and photo or short video of the item with the defect within 30 days. 

Our team will review your request, usually within 48hrs. If approved we will notify you with an option to either;

  1. Have the correct item replaced at no charge to you.   
  2. Receive a full refund.                                                   

Trendxchange does not accept any responsibility for;

  1. Damage of an item due to customer mishandling.
  2. Damage of packaging due to transit, provided the purchased item contained within is intact and undamaged.
  3. Incorrect choice of product and/or size. (Size info and guides are provided where possible, please read carefully and choose wisely.)

How do I return an item?

In some cases we will require you (the customer) to return an item before a refund can be processed. Our support team will notify you in advance after a dispute has been lodged and a return has been granted.

Unless otherwise stated, the cost of return postage is the sole responsibility of the customer NOT Trendxchange. We recommend contacting your local postal service for pricing.

Only once we have received the returned item, will we process the refund. Please allow sufficient time for return postage.

OK, I've done everything you asked. How do I get my money back?

No problems! We will deposit your refund into the account nominated by you and remittance will be sent via email the day of deposit.

Please allow up to 14 working days for the deposited funds to clear. Depending on which financial institution we are depositing into and where it is geographically located, clearing times can vary greatly. We recommend contacting your nominated financial institution for more info. 

If 14 working days have passed since the date of the refund remittance and you have yet to receive your funds, feel free to contact our support team for further assistance. 







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